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Creative Blocks Psychology approaches signs of mental distress such as:

All-consuming worries

Low mood that does not lift

Having thoughts that are odd

Being unable to adjust to a life change

Struggling with social situations

In coming to an understanding of how you are affected by signs of mental distress a conversation starts between you and your therapist to find meaningful goals.

Often people set goals to live a good life. During the course of therapy I attempt to identify and reduce the influence that unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours have on achieving this goal. At Creative Blocks Psychology each person is appreciated in their unique character, circumstances and difference. The therapeutic alliance is viewed as central to the change process. The need to dissolve repetitions of problematic habits and to align with your goals would be one of the key outcomes you would expect. Bespoke evidence based treatments (such as mindfulness based cognitive behaviour therapy) for mental health challenges is used by your therapist.

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