Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s)


At Creative Blocks Psychology difference is viewed as positive. Being on the autism spectrum is to be celebrated and working through psychological barriers (block busting) is encouraged. Our practice can help you learn to regulate your emotions, provide you feedback to assist you in overcoming obstacles and maximizing potentials. I can help you identify your goals and put them into practice structuring sessions to your own requirements. I am here to listen, understand and help you no matter what is on your mind. Creative Blocks Psychology has demonstrated a special interest in level 1 Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s) throughout private practice. I aim to make my practice a safe and inviting space for those on the autism spectrum.

Experience of Principal & Founder

Therapy used and Supervised by the Principal Psychologist

Specialist Study conducted by the Principal PsychologIST

Practice certificates in sleep psychology (insomnia & circadian rhythm sleep wake disorders)

Autism Spectrum assessment, diagnosis and identifying common co-morbidities

Evidence based practice for achieving potential or treatment in autism spectrum

NDIS Payments for Plan & Self-Managed Participants Accepted

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